ACORD Form Reader - Extract data from Scanned and Flattened ACORD Forms

Once you flatten an ACORD form, all you get after this is a read-only ACORD form, which is almost like an image without any rich information behind form fields. Similarly, if you have paper forms, and you scan the images, all you have is images. It is not a trivial job to read data out of these images & flattened forms and store in your AMS/CRM or database. WinsurTech ACORD Form Reader tries to solve this problem by extracting data out of these forms and images and converting them into JSON. Once the data is converted into JSON it is a simple job to write a program to map this data into your application’s entities and fields. ACCORD Form Reader not only reads the flattened forms and images but also the editable ACORD forms. So you can use ACCORD Form Reader to extract data from editable ACORD forms also.

Installation and Usage

Our ACORD Form Reader is a binary package available for Windows and Linux. You can install it on your machine or a server. Once installed, you can either run commands from a shell window to read data from ACORD form images or forms, or you can write a program in any programming language and call the commands from that program.

Bulk Processing and Unlimited Reading

WinsurTech ACORD Form Reader can read multiple ACORD form images and flattened forms with a single command. So bulk processing is supported. You can use it as a batch job to extract data from a large number of files and images. One output file per page is created. In addition, the product does not restrict the number of files or images it can process under a license. You can use the product to read data from any number of files or images. So no transaction-based charges, the only one-time fee is what you pay.

License Options

Like our other products, ACORD Form Reader also comes in 2 license types:

  1. Annual License (12 months, unlimited reading, bulk processing supported)
  2. Lifetime License (pay one fee, use the product for unlimited time, unlimited reading, bulk processing supported)

Contact us at our email address to learn about the pricing of the product.

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