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Salesforce | Create leads from google form responses

Author - Webner

Problem: How to create leads from google form responses?

We have a google form and we want to create leads from google form responses.

Solution: -To create lead from google form, follow these steps:-
1.Open google Sheet which contains the responses of google form.
2.Click on the Tools tab and then click on the script editor.

3. New Screen opens like this..

Write a code to insert data in the salesforce.

Here is the sample code that inserts leads from the google sheet. In this code, we are using HTML […]

How to Authorize Salesforce users to access Sharepoint Site’s Data

Author - Webner
1:09 pm
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Authorizing the Salesforce users to access Sharepoint Site’s Data

While integrating the Salesforce Org with the Sharepoint Site for accessing/viewing the Sharepoint Files in Salesforce Org, even after authenticating the Salesforce user to Sharepoint Site when a user tries to access the Sharepoint Files at Salesforce end, then the following ERROR occurs:

You are not authorized to perform that operation.”

Here are the steps which have to be followed in order to resolve this Issue (Or to authorize user at Sharepoint end):

1.Login to “Office 365” and go to the Site […]

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