Claim Notification files to eLabels converter

Claim Downloads to eLabels Converter (JSON format)

WinsurTech Claim File Parser is a translator program, that converts the ACORD Claim Notifications files to ACORD Form ELabels JSON format. It also separates the attachments data packed into the Claim download into separate files. WinsurTech is an ACORD Member (Solutions Provider) and we build products implementing ACORD standards.

You can download Claim Notification files from IVANS exchange using your mailbox details. These files are in ACORD XML format and attachments like Carrier notes or Claim Summary can be packed inside XML in encoded format. This encoded content is mostly PDF files.

WinsurTech Claim File Parser is a standalone utility (supported for both Windows and Ubuntu) that can be invoked from the command line or through a program written in any programming language like PHP, C#, Python, NodeJS, Ruby or any other. It converts the Claim download to ACORD form eLabels JSON and (simple key-value pairs) and its output can be easily consumed by any software. The attachments are saved into their own files that you can connect to the Policy or Account in your system as required. We can also help you with mapping the Claim JSON to your System. Click here to learn more.

Claim File Parser Licensing

WinsurTech Claim File Parser licensing (per installation) is based on the no. of files you convert

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