Dynamic Business Proposals, Online Signing, Proposal Templates and more

Truly Dynamic Proposal Management System

WinsurTech Proposalways is a Business Proposal Management System that allows you to get your static and dynamic business documents signed securely online. You can get your PDF documents e-signed or MS word documents e-signed free of cost. With a paid plan, you can take advantage of several advanced features like support for dynamic documents that contain variable data, create templates and reuse them to create any number of proposals, e-signature by multiple parties, e-signature on multiple pages, custom form fields like Textbox, Date field, and Radio buttons, and API integration.

Now all your contracts, agreements, and business proposals can be sent online to your contacts and they can open the document online to review (they do not need to be a registered user on Proposalways.com) and can simply e-sign the document by typing their name, uploading an image file or by drawing their signature. If you have input fields on the document like text fields, date entries, checkboxes, or radio buttons, your contacts can enter the values or make selections as applicable.

As the document owner, you get email notifications for the progress on your document, and you can also check the activity history inside your Proposalways.com account. Not only that but you also get the JSON back of the data filled by your contact onto a callback URL that you can specify in your Proposalways configuration.

Through the powerful API integration, you can automate the generation of dynamic proposals without stepping out of your own software. In this way, Proposalways makes life easy for you whether you are an Insurance agency, Carrier, Realty firm, Bank, Finance firm, or any other business vertical.

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