Dynamic Proposals with ESignature and PDF Downloads

If in your role you send proposals (contracts or agreements) to your customers through email, and you ask them to print, sign and scan the proposal to send it back to you, Proposalways can save a lot of time and effort for you. If you send proposals at a mass level, it can save even more. If you have your proposals in the form of a Microsoft Word document, PDF document, or a Powerpoint Slideshow, Proposalsways lets you send that document over the internet to your customers. Your customers will receive a secure link in the email, they can open the proposal, read it, e-Sign it, Accept or Decline it and submit it back to you. You also get the required notifications and get to track the progress of your proposal during the process. You can also send one proposal to multiple users and they all can sign it if applicable. What makes this process more powerful is that your proposal can contain dynamic data. It means each customer of yours can see a different set of data depending on what you want to fill in their proposal.

Use your existing MS Word, PPT and PDF documents as Proposals and Templates

Although Proposalways has an HTML editor as well for you to create new proposals inside the web interface, what makes the system powerful is its support for MS Word, PPT and PDF documents as Proposals and Templates. If you already have the design created in MS Word, PPT or PDF, you do not need to spend hours creating the same in the Web interface. You can upload your current design and utilize it as a Template or a Proposal. A Template is like a blueprint, from which you can create a number of proposals. You can send each Proposal to a different client, change their data, and ask for E-Signature from the corresponding client.

Dynamic Proposals with Variable Customer and Product Data

Proposalways lets you embed variables in the MS Word or PPT document. You use a simple syntax to embed variables (placeholders) for any type of data like text values (for e.g. name, address), bulleted list (for e.g. product offerings) and tables (for e.g. gender, age or region-specific product and pricing tables). You use this MS Word or PPT document as a template and upload it to the Proposalways. When you have to send the proposal to an end-user, at that point you provide data to replace the placeholders/variables. In this way the Proposal becomes specific to the customer to whom you have to send the proposal. The same template can be used several times with a different set of data. Proposalways API lets you do this at the mass level.

Integrate with Your System

Proposalways REST API lets you integrate the platform with your system. With the click of a button (on an Account or Policy for e.g.), a proposal hosted at Proposalways can be loaded in the browser with SSO, data in this proposal can be dynamically prefilled from your system, the proposal can be sent to the end-user, end-user can change the data and submit it back to your system. Proposalways offers seamless integration to get the job done for you without stepping out of your system.

Many More Features

Proposalways contains many more features like ESignature by multiple parties, notifications, progress tracking (audit trail), download as PDF, edit PDF forms in the browser, organize templates and proposals in the folders (labels), Manage staff members and Manage contacts to name a few.

Subscription Plans

For the convenience of our users, we offer flexible plans. You can choose the plan you prefer according to your needs. As an administrator of the system, you can track your usage, view the history of your usage, invoices, payment details, and download payment receipts. You have full control over your cost.

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