PDF Form Bridge - Fill ACORD and other PDF Forms in the Browser

WinsurTech PDF Form Bridge lets you fill ACORD PDF forms and any other editable PDF forms in the browser. Broadcast your form over the net to your customers and collect data into your system. PDF Form Bridge is a software-as-a-service application. You register to the system and upload your editable PDF forms to provision them once. You can provision more forms with time as required. Once a PDF form is provisioned, you can broadcast its URL to any number of users of yours. Your users do not need to log in. They click the link they receive in the email, open the PDF form in the browser, fill it and submit. Data is received back by WinsurTech PDF Form Bridge and submitted to your server. You specify the endpoint (your server’s URL) where you want to receive the data of the form. Each form can have a different endpoint. Not only this, but you can also prefill each form with the partial or full data as you need. Each user can also see different data in the same form (user-specific data).

WinsurTech PDF Form Bridge is a SaaS application hosted over the secure and scalable cloud. You can integrate PDF Form Bridge with any of your applications by using PDF Form Bridge API. It is a multitenant application so you work in your own secure area on the site.

Get your PDFs ESigned

WinsurTech PDF Form Bridge offers the all-important feature to get your forms eSigned by you and your customers. You can designate the form elements where you would like the forms to be e-Signed and our platform will guide your client for the online signing. You can eSign the form beforehand if it is required in your case or you can sign later as applicable. You and your customers can type the signature in the signature box or upload a signature image to sign. Now you have the power to take approvals and acceptance online from your customers.

Download Filled PDFs

WinsurTech PDF Form Bridge lets you publish as many forms as you prefer, distribute them at mass level and get the PDF forms filled online. It also lets you and your customers download the populated forms in read-only or editable PDF format. You can also email the populated PDFs as read-only or editable email attachments using our system. As an admin of your account, you can also control the settings for each form to specify whether you want your customers to download or email PDFs (in read-only or editable format) or not.

Subscription Plans

For the convenience of our users, we offer flexible plans. You can choose the plan you prefer according to your needs. As an administrator of the system, you can track your usage, view the history of forms upload, distribution, customers, their form access, invoices, payment details, and download payment receipts. You have full control over your usage and cost.

Contact us at our email address contact@winsurtech.com to learn about the pricing of the product.
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