What is keeping WinsurTech team occupied?

We are busy with a lot of exciting things, the most important of which is the RESTful API suite – phase 1. In this first phase, our goal is to make it really easy to extract precise data out of the AL3 files. As you are aware, we already have launched our AL3 to JSON/XML API on rapidapi.com. This has made it very easy to convert ACORD AL3/DAT file into JSON or XML. But this API gives you a single JSON/XML file containing all the data. Your programmers need to extract the relevant data out of the output. To improve over this process, we are working on APIs to extract the data of your interest from the AL3 file piece by piece. Notably, the following pieces of information can be there in the AL3 file depending on the LOB:

  1. Transaction Information
  2. Insured Information
  3. Basic Policy Information
  4. What is covered (covered items)
  5. Location Information related to covered items
  6. Coverages, limits, deductibles, options
  7. Additional interests of various type
  8. Insured’s Employment Information
  9. Other and Prior Policy Information
  10. Forms, Remarks, and Attachments
  11. General Information (Carrier questions)
  12. Claim History and Violations


Our upcoming API suite will make it easy for you to directly get the properties and values corresponding to each of the above. Initially, we are targeting the 15 most common lines of business. In addition, in this phase, we are going to come up with REST APIs to convert Claim downloads and attachments (in ACORD XML format) to eLabels and corresponding documents. Our target is mid of July, 21 for this phase.

After this, in phase 2, many more APIs will be added like JSON to AL3, AL3 to eLabels, AL3 to ACORD XML, eLabels to ACORD XML, eLabels to AL3, ACORD XML to eLabels, and ACORD XML to AL3, to name a few. In addition, ACORD forms data scraping will be added.

So a lot of things are going on. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates. If you are looking for similar services and would like to actively get involved with us contact us today.

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