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ACORD Insurance Award Winner for 2022 and 2023

We are an InsurTech company offering various solutions and services for P&C insurance Carriers, MGAs, and Agencies. Click here to explore our list of solutions and services to see how we can help your organization.

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AL3 Downloads

IVANS Downloads
AL3 Parser (Windows/Linux)

AL3 Creation

AL3 Creator REST API
AL3 Creator (Windows / Linux)
Distribute AL3 files


ACORD Forms Data Extraction
COI (ACORD 25) Generation
PDF data Extraction

“If we are moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Henry Ford


End to End Solutions

Our development team is well experienced in Insurance terms and processes.

End-to-End Solutions

When you work with WinsurTech, you can rely on a company providing end-to-end solutions. We not only provide ready-to-use REST APIs/Products, but in addition, we can write the glue code to send/fetch data to/from your CRM/AMS/PMS/Database securely and also host, monitor and maintain this glue code so that you solve the whole problem not just one part of it. We have extensive experience in various programming frameworks like C# .NET, Salesforce, Python, NodeJS, PHP, and Java, cloud platforms (specifically AWS & Azure web services), and creating stable and robust architecture to manage large traffic without any hiccups.


We can download your files from IVANS as well as from Teamup and any other server/storage where you get them, parse them through our REST API so as to convert the AL3 files to JSON, and further map this JSON to your AMS/CRM (to a relation database, Salesforce, FSC, Zoho CRM or any other solution you prefer). You also start to get your downloads within 2-3 days instead of waiting for months. We have options to host the glue code on your AWS/Azure infrastructure or we can host, monitor and maintain it. Your files are synchronized automatically at a fixed interval and you get an email notification with the download summary.


Our solutions provide already prepared JSON templates for all the major P&C Personal and Commercial lines of business. All you need to do is fill in the data in JSON keys based on whatever data you have for a policy or direct bill transaction, then feed this json to our AL3 Creation endpoint to get the ready AL3 file. We can automate this whole process for you so that you do not have to worry about how data will be fetched from your database/CRM/AMS to map into the JSON templates. We can host, monitor and maintain this code for you while you get a summarized email every day for a peaceful assurance that the process is working. 

DBC, EDocs, Claim Downloads to AMS/CRM

Similar to AL3 downloads for Policies, we download your Direct Bill Commission files, EDocs, Claim files, and other billing, and policy message files, convert them to JSON and map the data into your database/CRM/AMS as applicable. We also extract PDFs & Images from the EDocs, upload them to your cloud storage/CRM, and connect the file URLs with the Policy, Claim, or Customer Account depending on the relevance of the file. Direct Bill Commission summary and detailed transaction data are also stored in the related objects and any differences between the Carrier statement and your data could be highlighted.

COI (ACORD 25) & ACORD Forms Integration

Our SaaS platform FormCruise (, gives you an out-of-the-box solution to create a Certificate of Insurance (ACORD 25) by sending the insurance policy data as JSON to the REST API. You get the interface to see the certificate, it is auto-signed with your signature stored once, and your name and agency address is prefilled, just review and send the certificate to the certificate holder. Similarly, our ACORD Forms REST API makes it easy for you to click and prefill ACORD applications from within your own system. FormCruise comes with 100% REST API support and we can write the integration code for you.

Carrier, MGA, Agency File Uploads/Downloads

Are you finding IVANS uploads or downloads too expensive? We provide an alternative through our platform WinsurTech Junction that is absolutely free if you just want to download files. If you are a carrier or MGA and want to upload files and distribute them to your Agency Partners, there are affordable plans to subscribe and start uploading and distributing files. Our API comes free of cost with the paid subscription and our team can help you automate the code to create AL3 files through our service if you would like end-to-end implementation. Agencies can not only download their files but can also send files to Carriers/MGAs.

More About Us

P&C Insurance Experts
(Development and Consulting)

Our team is known for its P&C insurance domain knowledge along with our technical skillset. We have tremendous experience with ACORD standards (eforms, AL3, ACORD XML), all the major lines of business (Personal and Commercial), Rater integration, IVANS downloads and more. Check our InsurTech products as well.

Vast experience in Major Technologies

We bring vast technical experience with us in CRM (Salesforce Classic, Lightning, Zoho CRM), C# .NET, Java, PHP (Core, Laravel, CakePHP), Python, Javascript, React, Angular, Databases (Oracle, Mysql, Postgres, SQL Server, MariaDB, MongoDB), Linux, Windows, Mac and development over cloud or non-cloud infrastructure, to develop in any technology of your choice.

Development over
Cloud Platforms

We have extensive administration, development and deployment experience in various cloud platforms including Azure, AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud and Laravel Vapor. We can take care of virtual environment creation over Linux/Windows, security, load balancing, cloud storage (S3, Google/Azure storage), RDS, Monitoring and more.

We follow Agile Methodology Best Practices

Our team follows Agile practices for iterative and incremental development, daily interaction, regular updates through calls, JIRA or any other project management tool, Sprint driven development, Continous Integration, GIT, Devops, Unit Testing and Test Automation.

Thorough Security Practices and Test Automation

Application security is a key concern that all of team members understand and they follow the OWASP Top 10 and other recommended security practices while writing code. Our Test Engineers test each component of the system from UI, Functionality, Security and Performance perspectives to ensure you get a robust system.

Clear Communication, Story writing and UI/UX Design

With the WinsurTech team, you would love clear communication from our team members starting from user story writing/understanding, UX design, UI layouts & application flow, technical documentation, and documentation supporting the depth of testing. Our team members are confident, well-qualified, and able to communicate fluently.

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