AL3, Edocs & ACORD Form solutions for Carriers, MGAs & Agencies

We are an ACORD member and ACORD Organization Leadership Award Winner (2022). We offer solutions for AL3 & E-Docs Creation, Distribution (Carriers to Agencies), Downloads, Parsing, ACORD form data extraction, Prefilling ACORD Forms, and E-Signatures. We also provide InsurTech software development and Data Mapping Services.

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AL3 Parser Product and REST API

WinsurTech AL3 Parser product or REST API converts AL3 / DAT files into JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, or PDF formats. AL3 Parser processes both the Policy Transactions as well as Commission downloads. It is line-of-business independent (all the ACORD LOBs for P&C are supported). Not only this, the data is presented in an easy to read manner so that you can easily identify different blocks of data and could map to your AMS or CRM objects/fields. We can also assist you to map and send the data into your system. Read more

AL3 Viewer

AL3 / DAT File Viewer

WinsurTech AL3 Desktop Viewer makes it easy for you to open AL3/DAT files on your local machine and view the content in an easy to read manner. Both Policy Transaction and Commission files can be viewed using our viewer. Product is available for Windows and Linux. Contact Us to get the license and pricing details.

AL3 / DAT File Creator Product and REST API

WinsurTech AL3 Creator is available for both Windows and Linux OS as a standalone product that converts JSON or CSV format data into AL3 / DAT files. REST API is also available for the same. It is line-of-business independent (all the ACORD LOBs for P&C are supported). Carriers can use this product to create AL3/DAT files or if you have any software that consumes AL3 files, you can use AL3 Creator to create the AL3 files from the data in your AMS/CRM.

AL3 / DAT File Creator
ACORD Form Filler

Fill ACORD Forms in the browser (FormCruise.com)

WinsurTech Form Cruise product allows integration of your AMS / CRM with ACORD forms so as to open, edit, email and E-sign ACORD forms in the browser. If you are an end user of the ACORD forms you do not need a license from ACORD to use ACORD forms. Go to FormCruise.com to access the product.

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