AL3 Parser (AL3 Reader / Translator)

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AL3 Parser is an AL3 Reader / Translator

WinsurTech AL3 Parser is an AL3 reader & translator program, that converts the ACORD AL3 format file to JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, and PDF formats. WinsurTech AL3 Parser uses the latest ACORD AL3 Standard groups and elements information. WinsurTech is an ACORD Member (Solutions Provider) and we build products implementing ACORD standards.

What is AL3?

The ACORD AL3 Standard was developed in the early 1980s. AL3 is a flat-file of fixed length. AL3 Standard is widely used across the P&C Industry today. According to ACORD, over 500 insurance companies use this standard to share policy data with over 20,000 agents and/or brokers using over 40 individual agency management systems. It is used exclusively for P&C policy download. A carrier sends a full image of all policies on which a transaction has occurred including new business, renewals, changes of any kind to the agent, daily through the AL3 files.

Formats supported and Other Features

WinsurTech AL3 Parser is a standalone library (supported for both Windows and Ubuntu) that can be invoked from the command line or through a program written in any programming language like PHP, C#, Python, NodeJS, Ruby or any other. It can convert the AL3 file to JSON, XML, Excel, PDF, or CSV formats (simple or detailed as you need) and its output can be easily consumed by any software. AL3 Parser produces well-organized JSON and Excel segregated into Basic Policy Information and Schedules to make it easy for your team to understand the JSON and extract data from it. There is another more detailed JSON output format supported that includes internal details of the AL3 groups and elements if you need to program around that. WinsurTech AL3 parser also includes a bulk parse feature to convert any number of files into the required output format with a single command. WinsurTech AL3 parser commands can also be scheduled in Windows Scheduler or as a Cron job to look for new AL3 files after a fixed interval and convert them into output files.

Click here for AL3 Parser Command Examples

Click here for a detailed Blog Post about our AL3 Parser

AL3 Parser Licensing

WinsurTech AL3 Parser does not make you pay for each transaction. You already know how expensive some companies make that model, and WinsurTech does not make you pay huge amount of money. There are affordable, one time payment licenses in 2 classes (per installation):

  1. Annual License (Unlimited Conversions, Bulk Conversions included)
  2. 3-Year License (Unlimited Conversions, Bulk Conversions included)

Email us at for the price. We also provide AL3 consultancy so our team can work closely with your team for integration assistance and to provide any consultation you need.

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