Download AL3 files and EDocs from IVANS

Download AL3 files and EDocs from IVANS

AL3 files, Claim files, and eDocs can be downloaded from IVANS by using their REST API. WinsurTech can help you to do it quickly with our IVANS Integration Pack which supports single or multiple mailboxes. The product can be deployed and scheduled on your Windows or Linux machine, you can add multiple mailbox credentials in the configuration file as required, the product will connect to IVANS API periodically and download any AL3 files, Claim files, and eDocs available in corresponding mailboxes since the last download and will keep them separately organized on your local machine. In case you install our AL3 Parser as well, then our IVANS Integration Pack can automatically feed the files to WinsurTech AL3 Parser and convert them to JSON or XML. Not only this, we can help you with sending this data into your AMS or CRM as applicable. Click here to learn more.

IVANS Integration Pack Licensing

WinsurTech IVANS Integration Pack licensing (per installation) is based on the no. of files you download.

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