Prefill ACORD forms – Generate Id cards, Certificates and Evidence of insurance

WinsurTech’s Form Cruise platform and REST API help you prefill ACORD forms, Generate Auto Id cards, Certificates of Insurance, and Evidence of Insurance. You not only get the auto-populated forms, but you can load the editable PDF in the browser if you prefer,  edit the data in the browser, submit it back to your CRM, get automatic Producer signatures, email the form to other parties for eSignatures, keep track of the view/open/esigning progress, download filled and/or signed PDFs and more. The icing on the cake is that you can do all of this without using the Form Cruise UI if that’s what you prefer since the full-fledged REST API is there for you to use. Form data is sent back to your system in JSON format that helps you update your system. We support the entire solution for Salesforce out of the box but for any other CRM/AMS integration can be done easily.

Demo Video

Here’s the Feature List again

  • Not hardcoded to a fixed set of forms, you can upload any new editable PDF form to the system to support it

  • Integrate the system with your application securely through the REST API (no need to login to Form Cruise once your account is configured)
  • With a link or button click from your system launch the form in the browser, and prefill it with data from your system
  • Edit the form data in the browser, submit changes back to your system in JSON format
  • Email the form to another user for e-signature or even to edit the form data
  • Download the form with filled data
  • Customize the form by adding more fields (like textboxes, checkboxes)
  • Supported in Edge, Chrome, Firefox and other leading browsers
  • Affordable payment plans

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