ACORD Forms/Images Data Extraction

Extract data from ACORD or any PDF Forms or Images

WinsurTech Document Reader REST API makes it possible to extract data from edited, flattened, and scanned ACORD forms as well as images. Apart from ACORD forms, any other PDF forms are also supported. The data is converted into simple to consume JSON output (key-value pairs). In the case of ACORD forms, the keys are eLabels. Once the data is converted into JSON it is a simple job to write a program to map this data into your application’s database or CRM like sending it to Salesforce, or filling a new ACORD form with

All of these are supported:

  1. Editable ACORD forms and any other forms like IRS tax forms.
  2. Readonly ACORD forms and any other forms.
  3. Scanned images of ACORD forms and any other forms.
  4. Handwritten text is also supported.

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