WinsurTech Salesforce Insurance AMS

The most affordable and flexible Salesforce Insurance AMS Package

If you are looking for a Salesforce AMS that is not only rightly priced but also gives you control over its features WinsurTech AMS Package is the solution for you. WinsurTech Salesforce AMS Package offers all the major features that you will need for your agency and at the same time your team or our team can enhance the system with full control over its object structure.

WinsurTech Salesforce AMS package contains all the major features like detailed object structure for all the Personal and Commercial lines of businesses, AL3 downloads for Policy Transactions, DB Commission downloads, Claim downloads, eDocs downloads, Producer Commission Management, Policy Reconciliation, Career Management, and other features out-of-the-box. All the major commercial and personal lines of business are supported. All the major transaction codes like NBS, PCH, RWL, XLC, REI, RIX, XLN, MEM, and SYN are supported. Detailed object schema within Salesforce FSC or CRM is supported.

Feature List

WinsurTech AMS Package comes with all these features:

  • Detailed Object structure to store data for all the Personal and Commercial Lines:
    • Policy Summary
    • Insured and Co-insured Information
    • Locations
    • Insured Items (Vehicle, Boat, Property, etc.)
    • Scheduled Items (Personal Property)
    • Coverage information, limits, deductibles, surcharge, discounts, basis code
    • Drivers
    • Additional Interests
    • Policy Forms
    • Remarks: Policy Level and Location Level
    • Carrier Information (Billing and Writing)
    • Producer Information
    • Producer Commission splits
    • AL3 Downloads Transaction Summary and Details (for Policy and DB Commission)
    • Certificates and Acord forms object structure
  • AL3 Downloads – Policy transactions are daily updated into the AMS system from your mailbox (IVANS and Teamup or direct files also supported)
  • Claim Downloads – Automated import of claims data including claim details, policy details, claimant information, and settlement amounts.
  • Direct Bill Commission Downloads – Automated import of commission data, including commission summary and commission details (DBD).
  • E-Docs Downloads – Automated downloads, conversion to PDFs, and linking to corresponding policy or other records
  • Policy Reconciliation and Merge –  Feature to mismatch downloaded AL3 policies to the corresponding records and also to merge duplicate policies.
  • Policy Transactions History Tracking –  You can track the entire history of downloads (policy, DB commission, claims, and edoc transactions).
  • ACORD Certificates and Forms: Supports ACORD certificates including ACORD 25, 27, 28, 50, main and supplementary application forms.
  • Multiple Producer support, Producer Commission calculation, and splits: Support multiple producers on each policy, commission split rules can be created, and based on them producer commission amount and agency commission are calculated from the downloaded transactions.
  • LOB-specific layouts are supported. Proper list views and related lists are configured.
  • BOP, Package, and Multi-year policies are also supported

Supported Lines of Business

WinsurTech AMS Package supports all these lines:

Personal Lines
  1. Automobile – Personal (including motorcycle)
  2. Homeowners
  3. Dwelling Fire
  4. Flood
  5. Inland Marine – Personal
  6. Mobile Homeowners
  7. Personal Package
  8. Umbrella – Personal
  9. Watercraft
Commercial Lines
  1. Agriculture Package
  2. BOP (Business Owner’s Policy)
  3. Commercial Automobile
  4. Commercial Package
  5. General Liability
  6. Inland Marine
  7. Property
  8. Umbrella/Excess
  9. Watercraft
  10. Workers Compensation
  11. Cyber
  12. Crime
  13. Commercial Garage & Dealers

Licensing and Pricing

WinsurTech AMS Package comes with full technical support and maximum flexibility for enhancements to the existing system. Multiple pricing options are available to make the system affordable for you instead of paying significant monthly fees.

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