What all we can help you with?

Here’s how WinsurTech can help your business in various ways:

  • WinsurTech AL3 to JSON REST API
    You do not need to install anything. You can directly start using the API in your code to convert AL3 files to JSON. For a demo kindly check the video on this page – https://winsurtech.com/al3-to-json-rest-api/

  • WinsurTech AL3 to JSON Parser (package for the machine)
    It is an alternative to the AL3 to JSON REST API. It is a binary package that you keep on your machine. It supports both JSON and XML formats. Excel and PDF formats are also supported. This product is available for Windows and Linux. For a demo kindly check the video on this page – https://winsurtech.com/al3-parser/

  • WinsurTech CSV/JSON to AL3 REST API
    Using this API you can convert CSV/JSON to AL3/DAT files for both Policy Transactions as well as Direct Bill Commission files. For a demo kindly check the video on this page – https://winsurtech.com/csv-to-al3-conversion-rest-api/

  • WinsurTech AL3 Creator binary package
    It is an alternative to the CSV/JSON to AL3 REST API. It is a binary package that you keep on your machine. This product is available for Windows and Linux. For a demo kindly check the video on this page – https://winsurtech.com/al3-creator/

  • IVANS AL3 Files Downloader
    This package connects to IVANS through their REST API and pulls the AL3 files (Policy, Direct Bill Commission, Claim & Message files). The code can handle multiple mailboxes as well.

  • Fill and Edit ACORD Forms in the browser (API also available)
    WinsurTech’s Form Cruise application allows you to prefill and edit ACORD forms in the browser. Forms can be prefilled on launch, can be e-Signed, downloaded as read-only PDF, Link can be emailed to the customer or other staff members for e-Signing/data-editing, modified data can be sent back to your system in JSON format and tracking can be done (like which user opened or filled the form). In-browser editing is supported in Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and other leading browsers. API is also available with all the services.

  • Extract data from Flattened ACORD Forms and Images
    WinsurTech’s Doc Reader REST API allows you to extract data from flattened ACORD forms and Images in key-value pairs.

  • AL3 Viewer (Read data inside AL3 files on your desktop
    We have a separate product called AL3 Viewer which can be useful for your team. It shows the contents of the AL3 files in UI (just like Vertafore Viewer but richer in features like Excel download, JSON download, and search). For a detailed demo check the video on this page – https://winsurtech.com/al3-desktop-viewer/

  • Claim Notification files to JSON converter
    Claim Notification files are not AL3 files, they are in ACORD XML format. These files can also contain attachments in compressed format (Bas64) within the same claim file. We have a separate product that converts the Claim files data to simple JSON format and also extracts attachments into separate files that you can keep on a cloud or attach to the Claim records in Salesforce.

  • AL3 & E-docs file distribution
    As an alternative to IVANS Exchange, our WinsurTech Junction platform allows Carriers, MGAs, and Agencies to easily share files with each other. AL3 & EDocs uploads and downloads through REST API in an easy and secure manner is supported. Check WinsurTech Junction for more information.

  • Data Consulting and Data Mapping
    We have P&C data specialists who have in-depth knowledge of the P&C data for various LOBs. We provide consultation about P&C data (like where to find specific elements in AL3, how to map AL3 to EForms, or Acord XML elements, or to your system’s object structure). We also create mapping Excel sheets to help your team.

  • Back office services (Insurance Data Entry, Review, Correction, Reporting and more)
    We provide back-office services like manual Policy, Claims and Commission data entry, data review, corrections, manual or automated reports preparation, endorsements management, etc

  • InsurTech or CRM Software Development
    Apart from the above, we can assist with any sort of Insurance or CRM software development. Check our services site for details – https://webnersolutions.com/

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