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We are an InsurTech company focused on the P&C US insurance market, and we are implementing ACORD standards through our products. We are an ACORD Member (Solutions Provider). Frank Sentner, who is a well known P&C insurance industry and ACORD standards expert, is a member of our Advisory board.

We have several years of P&C industry experience behind us because we have developed some of the most popular agency management systems in use in the US. While working with multiple InsurTech software vendors and insurance agencies we experienced that some of the key insurance products (for example, AL3 Parser) are not easily available in the market. Some companies have built them but they either keep the availability of the products to a certain segment in the industry only or their products are too expensive to afford for a lot of companies. This results in frustration and over-spending by the needy companies. Considering this we have built and continue to build and improve products around AL3, ACORD Forms, and ACORD XML, and make them available to our clients at a one-time fee or reasonable renewal fee (flexible license plans).

We are based out of Mohali, India, about 150 miles north of New Delhi. Our insurance-focused products include AL3 Parser, AL3 Creator, AL3 Web Viewer, ACORD form Image scanner and data extraction from Readonly ACORD forms.

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