AL3 Desktop Viewer

How to view AL3 or DAT files? Use AL3 Desktop Viewer

WinsurTech AL3 or DAT Desktop Viewer runs on Windows and Linux and lets you open any ACORD standard Policy and Commission AL3 or DAT file and view it in a hierarchical Tree format or JSON format. You can also download the output in JSON or Excel format. WinsurTech is an ACORD Member (Solutions Provider) and we building products to implement ACORD standards.

What is AL3?

The ACORD AL3 Standard was developed in the early 1980s. AL3 is a flat-file of fixed length. AL3 Standard is widely used across the P&C Industry today. According to ACORD, over 500 insurance companies use this standard to share policy data with over 20,000 agents and/or brokers using over 40 individual agency management systems. It is used exclusively for P&C policy download. A carrier sends a full image of all policies on which a transaction has occurred including new business, renewals, changes of any kind to the agent, daily through the AL3 files.

Formats supported and Other Features

WinsurTech AL3 Desktop Viewer is LOB (Line of business) independent, so whether you have a DAT / AL3 file of Personal Auto, Commercial Auto, Homeowners, Commercial Property, or any other P&C LOB, you will be able to view the data contained in it using our Viewer. You can view the data in JSON format or a Tree view with all the Groups, Subgroups, and Elements information. Not only that you can also search on a keyword to quickly look for the presence of a particular element (like policy number, location, garage info, etc).

AL3 Desktop Viewer Licensing

WinsurTech AL3 Viewer offers affordable, one time payment licenses in 2 classes (per installation):

1-Year License (Unlimited Views)
5-Years License (Unlimited Views)

Email us at for the price. We also provide AL3 consultancy so our team can work closely with your team for integration assistance and to provide any consultation you need.

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