Amazon Route 53 Overview:

Route 53 is a Domain Name Service provided by Amazon Web Services. Amazon Route 53(DNS service) is used to convert the human-friendly name (such as into an internet protocol addresses(Such as with an authoritative name server in data centers all over the world. Internet protocol addresses (IP addresses) are used by computers to identify each other on the network. We use two types of IP addresses, one is IPv4 and the second is IPv6. Amazon Route 53 is a much reliable, very fast and scalable Domain Name System.

Functions Performed by Amazon Route 53:
Amazon Route 53 performs three types of functions:

  1. Register Domain Name
  2. Route internet traffic to the resources for your domain
  3. Check the health of your resources

Register Domain Name: Amazon Route 53 provides very easy steps to register a new domain name and attach the domain name with a specific static IP address (Elastic IP address). Following are the steps to register the domain name:

  • – Login into the AWS portal with your registered username and password.
  • – Goto the Amazon Route 53 dashboard.
  • – You will now be able to find and register an available domain name.
  • – After purchasing Domain Name goto the “DNS Management” window and build the Hosted Zone for your Domain Name with unique Hosted Zone ID.
  • – Now you need to set up NS records(Name Server), MX record(Mail Exchanger) and a record for your domain name.
  • – You can connect Domain Name with the Static IP of the EC2 machine in order to run your business website.

Route internet traffic to the resources for your domain: When a user opens a browser and enter the domain name of your website or web application name, Amazon Route 53 helps to connect the incoming request with your web application and display the website on the browser of the user.

Health Check: Amazon Route 53 continuously (specific interval of time) checks the health of your resources such as web applications or web servers. Amazon Route 53 sends a health check signal to your resources(webserver) to verify that the resource is reachable, available, and functional. You can also choose the feature to notify you when any resource becomes unavailable or unhealthy so that you can troubleshoot the problem and make the resource available again.

Amazon Route53 Pricing:
Amazon Web Service charges you based on three usages of the services mentioned below:
Hosted Zones
DNS queries
Domain Names

Hosted Zone: You pay a monthly charge for each hosted zone managed by you on the Route 53. Amazon Route 53 will charge for a hosted zone when you create it. If you deleted the hosted zone within 12 hours then you will not be charged for Hosted Zone.

Price Per Hosted Zone:
$0.50 per hosted zone/month for the first 25 hosted zones
$0.10 per hosted zone/month for additional hosted zones

DNS Queries: Amazon Web Service charge for the number of queries serving for Domain Name Service. The charges depend on each DNS query answered by the Amazon Route 53 service. The charges are based on three DNS queries types, as given below:

  • – Standard Queries
  • – Latency Based Routing Queries
  • – Geo Proximity Queries

Standard Queries:
$0.400 per 1000000 queries – first 1000000000 queries/month
$0.200 per 1000000 queries – over 1000000000 queries/month

Latency Based Routing Queries:
$0.600 per 1000000 queries – first 1000000000 queries / month
$0.300 per 1000000 queries – over 1000000000 queries / month

Geo Proximity Queries:
$0.700 per 1000000 queries – first 1000000000 queries / month
$0.350 per 1000000 queries – over 1000000000 queries / month

Domain Names pricing: There is no fixed price amount for a domain name. Pricing for domain names varies by TLD. You can check the current pricing to view the list of TLD under Amazon Web Services official site. You can carry up to 50 Domain Names within one AWS account.