AWS security is managed with highly secure network architecture and well-maintained highly secure data centers at different locations globally. AWS security is a very high priority task for the company. Customers can scale and innovate while being in a protected environment.

AWS Security Overview

Infrastructure Security:

AWS provides several services that secure your network transmissions and increase the privacy of your AWS resources. AWS Web Application Firewall(WAF) plays a big role in infrastructure security, as it helps the customers to build their own private network with secure internet protocol rules. AWS WAF allows the customers to define the security rules for Amazon web applications incoming traffic and modify the security rules to block or unblock the incoming traffic. Amazon Web Service provides secure connectivity options that allow dedicated or private connections with AWS applications from your on-premises environment.

Secure Monitoring:

AWS provides multiple tools that help the users to monitor Amazon resources and applications that are hosted on AWS cloud Infrastructure. You can arrange these tools to do the monitoring for you when you are not using Amazon Web Service console or you can do the monitoring manually. AWS provides the feature of Amazon CloudWatch that provides the real-time monitoring of AWS resources or applications that are currently active on the AWS cloud infrastructure. AWS provides a feature named system check. A system check is a tool which can detect the problems that may harm your instances and it is preprogrammed to check the reachability of the AWS system and ensure the functioning AWS system. If you get System Status Check fails, you can resolve the detected issue by yourself (for example, by stopping and restarting or terminating and replacing an instance) or choose to wait for AWS to fix it.

Amazon IAM(Identity and Access Management):

AWS provides the centralized user management service, which provides centralized control over the AWS resources. Amazon IAM allows the customers to manage the users, groups, and roles for specific resources such as EC2 instances, S3 buckets, and other AWS resources. Amazon IAM service allows you to define the permissions and authenticate users to use AWS resources within an AWS account. IAM provides you secure access to your AWS resources. AWS Multi-Factor Authentication for privileged accounts includes options for hardware-based authenticators. MFA has advanced security features for Amazon Web Services account login. MFA is an extra layer of protection which can be used with individual users of AWS account. You can activate this feature from your AWS account. After configuring MFA device, the user needs to get the authentication response from their AWS MFA device in order to login into the AWS account. MFA feature helps the customers to control access to AWS service APIs.