Authorizing the Salesforce users to access Sharepoint Site’s Data

While integrating the Salesforce Org with the Sharepoint Site for accessing/viewing the Sharepoint Files in Salesforce Org, even after authenticating the Salesforce user to Sharepoint Site when a user tries to access the Sharepoint Files at Salesforce end, then the following ERROR occurs:

You are not authorized to perform that operation.”

Here are the steps which have to be followed in order to resolve this Issue (Or to authorize user at Sharepoint end):

1.Login to “Office 365” and go to the Site Management Page of the Office 365. Open below Link to the Site Management Page.

2.Click on the Active Sites and then open that Site for which you want to assign the user(s) as a Member of this Site as shown below image:

Salesforce users to access Sharepoint Site's Data

3.Then Click on the Add or Remove Owners Link on the detail page of the selected Site as shown above image. Then following Pop Up window will open in the right side and here you can add or remove the Users/Owners in order to access data of that Site.

Salesforce users to access Sharepoint Site's Data
Note:- Only Authorized Salesforce Users can access the Sharepoint Data and a user is authorized only if he/she is the member of this Site.