Introduction to Salesforce Chatter


Salesforce Chatter

Salesforce Chatter is the world’s topmost enterprise social network. It consists of work or customer-related information. In salesforce chatter, users can follow both people and documents to collaborate on the opportunity, leads, campaigns, projects, and tasks. Users can share information securely within the organization.

Salesforce chatter is similar to Facebook and LinkedIn. Like other social media platforms, users can manage their feeds and notification. They can create private or public groups. Chatter is available on both desktop and mobile.

To enable chatter in the classic, follow these steps:

Setup -> Customize -> chatter -> settings and ‘enable’ chatter under chatter settings and save.

To enable chatter in lightning, follow these steps:

Setup -> Feature Settings -> chatter -> chatter settings and ‘enable’ chatter under chatter settings and save.


  1. Chatter Group
    These are similar to social media groups. If you create the group, you will be the owner of the group. You can make someone manager also who will have the same rights as the owner but cannot change the owner or delete the group. A major benefit of the chatter group is a collaboration between the users with common interests on a particular topic.
  2. Email Digest
    After joining any chatter group you will receive emails related to the group. The notification frequency can be changed.
  3. Quick Action – Global Action
    There are many actions you can perform in your chatter tabs like File, Link, Poll, Post, Thanks and Question but the availability of these actions depends on org setup. The Chatter Quick Actions are totally customizable with the help of Global Publisher Layouts. Global Publisher Layouts is available for Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions of the Salesforce.
  4. Chatter Thanks
    This feature helps you to send thank you to any of your colleagues.

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