Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a constantly growing combination of cloud services that are needed by organizations to meet their business challenges. Azure provides us solutions to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite advanced tools and frameworks.

Microsoft Azure Stack

Azure Stack is a type of hybrid cloud platform that enables us to use Azure services from any organization or service provider datacenter. We can build an app on Azure Stack and then deploy it to Azure Stack, Azure, or Azure hybrid cloud.


  1. Services:

    Microsoft Azure provides a full set of services while Azure Stack provides a subset of Azure services. Actual services vary based on what an organization or service provider chooses to offer.

  2. Region:

    Microsoft Azure provides the choice to select the region which we want to deploy to whereas an Azure Stack integrated system uses the region that’s available on your system. For Azure Stack, the region will be a local region as per our organization.

  3. Resource groups:

    A resource group can span regions for Azure. In Azure Stack, for both integrated systems and the development kit, there’s only one region.

  4. Supported namespaces, resource types, and API versions:

    Azure supports almost all the latest and earlier versions, which aren’t yet deprecated whereas Azure Stack supports only some specific versions.

  5. Access:

    For accessing Azure, we can go to For the Azure Stack integrated system, we can use the URL that Azure Stack operator provides. For the development kit, use: https://portal.local.azurestack.external.