Personal effects coverage insurance of Rental cars


When compared to personal auto insurance, rental car insurance is a separate thing and operates differently. The benefits and coverage of rental car insurance are not the same as those of ordinary auto insurance because they rely on the rental agency and the area. Up to a certain cost amount, personal effects coverage covers the theft of belongings from the rental automobile.

Personal Effects Coverage (PEC), a supplemental insurance option for car rentals, is offered for purchase at the counter. It often covers the loss or theft of the personal possessions of the primary driver, any extra drivers, and any immediate family members of the primary driver. Per rental day, the PEC is determined as a fixed amount. As a result, the total cost of PEC depends on how long the rental is. The PEC typically only provides partial coverage for cost-related loss or theft of personal property. This policy covers any possessions that might be taken from your rental automobile. Your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance policy may provide comparable coverage in this situation.

What’s Covered?

This policy covers risks of loss or damage to the insured personal effects of the renter, any passengers in their party, or an approved additional driver whose name appears on the rental agreement for the duration of the rental.

Although there are numerous varieties of rental car insurance, not everything is covered. For instance, you wouldn’t utilize this kind of coverage to file a claim for reimbursement of the cost of a car rental while your primary vehicle is being fixed. In that case, you would use another option provided by the majority of common auto insurance policies, known as rental car reimbursement coverage.

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