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Salesforce Accelerators are 1-on-1 coaching sessions given by deep knowledge experts. Each Accelerator functions on one particular topic, and length varies from 2-15 hours across multiple weeks. All Accelerators have common elements.

  1. 1-on-1 engagement: You as an individual or in a team will directly work with the specialist to make your situation understand and get relatable advice on it.
  2. Tangible deliverables: You will get some sort of tangible deliverable, like a sample report or configuration plan.
  3. Advisory: The majority of Accelerators are for your advice and not to work for you so the specialist will develop some sort of example for you in the sandbox account so you can take an idea from it and work to achieve the actual results in your production org.

Accelerators Catalog

There are multiple Accelerators in almost all of our products. The prerequisite is you must have a paid success plan associated with one of our products like Sales, Service, Community Cloud. There are some special prerequisites for some of our products for eg, to have access to Marketing Cloud Accelerator, you need to have a Marketing Cloud Premier Success Plan. Also, you should keep in mind that you can have access to only one Accelerator at one time per org.

There is a long list of Accelerators you can choose from. Though it is not for everyone as you may have a requirement that may not be in the list of Accelerators provided. For example, there is an Accelerator for Setting up Salesforce for Outlook but it won’t work well if your requirement is to have integration with Gmail.

You may not be very clear with what is the functionality of a particular Accelerator by its name. So, click on it to know what’s inside and look into the datasheet to understand the working thoroughly. When considering an Accelerator you should be clear where you are now and what are your further requirements. Will the Accelerator fulfill the requirements or not? If not, then don’t go for it. All Accelerators are designed for a very specific topic and have a very unique set of prerequisites so you should be very clear on your requirements if you are using one.

Here are the points you need to keep in mind before considering an Accelerator:

What are the requirements of your organization?

Like, do you want to:

  1. Increase your Sales.
  2. Lower the case handling.
  3. Cleaning up bad data or org.
  4. Make better decisions and gain deeper insights into your organization’s data.
  5. Increase the suppleness of your organization.

There are Accelerators for all these goals but you have to be very specific with it and select anyone which is your main agenda.

Do you fulfill the prerequisites for the Accelerator you want to use?

Before using an Accelerator as mentioned above, you must go through the datasheet and check if your organization fulfills the prerequisites required.

Do you have enough time and manpower for engagement?

Accelerators often require input from you, so do you have time and manpower to engage in it like business users, developers, admins, etc. If yes, then you are good to go.

You must involve multiple people to help you answer a few questions and help you select the precise and required Accelerator. Each Accelerator has its own time frame, prerequisites, and goals which you should go to the site and check out and then select one best for you.

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