The Salesforce Partner Community is a platform that is built and maintained specifically for Salesforce partners. It is used by partners to manage their business, learn best practices, get support, and engage with Salesforce employees in a safe and secure environment.
In Salesforce Partner Community, you can find useful articles, webinars, and events that can give you ideas on how to expand your business. You can also get in touch with other Salesforce partners and Salesforce employees who can work with you.

How to become a Salesforce partner?

The relationship of your company with salesforce depends upon your company’s goal. If a company wants to develop a solution then they can join the AppExchange (ISV) partner program. AppExchange provides access to tools and resources to develop, publish and support solutions on here. AppExchange is also called the Salesforce store.
A company can also sign up as a consultant so that you can provide a solution to the customers according to their needs. If a company becomes a consulting partner then salesforce helps them to train their team, build their practice and market their services on AppExchange.

Sign Up

If a company is an ISV Partner selling or planning to sell commercial solutions on AppExchange then sign up for the Partner Community. A company can join the Partner Community by Developer account. After the signup completion, You’ll receive org credentials to join the Salesforce Partner Community.

Steps to sign up:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Join Now, then Join the Partner Community.
  3. Click login with Salesforce and run your org credentials.
  4. Complete the Signup Authority as a new or existing consulting partner.

Why join the Salesforce Partner Community?

  1. Connect with people: The salesforce partners can connect with other partners and consultants. Everyone here is either using Salesforce to build their business or help someone else which helps you in expanding your business.
  2. Get educated: Here you can get in touch with other partners and get to know how to expand your business. You can train yourself using trailhead.
  3. Support: You can log a case if you get stuck anywhere which is blocking you in development.