Driver training credit is the discount or reduction provided to a student within the insurance premium. Young drivers become eligible for driver training credits upon completion of a driver training course. Most public school systems provide these sorts of courses.

Insurance companies within the U.S. offer a reduction to new drivers of a particular age that have completed a driver training course. This course teaches the basics of how a car works, principles of traffic, and methods to remain safe while driving.

More than any other demographic, drivers between the ages of 16 and 20 are at the highest risk of moving into an accident. That’s a sobering statistic, and insurance rates for young drivers reflect this reality.

How to qualify for a driver training discount?

In the US, 32 states require teens to complete a state-approved driver’s training course before they’ll get their license. Other states extend it further, requiring all new drivers to first complete the course before they’ll take their written and road tests. To receive the driver training credit, this course must be completed successfully and the driver needs to log several hours of experience behind the wheel of a vehicle.

If the insured has received their license without going through the driver’s education program, they will not qualify for the credit, although they can get it if they complete the course later.

What will you learn at the driver’s training course?

Driver’s training allows you to get comfortable behind the wheel if you’re a brand new motorist and teaches drivers of all levels of experience defensive driving principles and how to safely handle situations that create on the road.

Some of what you can expect to learn about include:

  • The rules of the road.
  • Merging into traffic, switching lanes, and turning
  • Driving on a highway and on city streets
  • Driving in poor weather conditions
  • Using U-turns and roundabouts
  • How to park properly whether on a street or during a parking zone
  • How to avoid distracted driving
  • Steering and skidding control