As we know, “marine insurance” is a coverage policy that covers products when transported over water. Unlike marine insurance, inland marine insurance covers goods, materials, and equipment when transported over the land. This transportation may be via truck or train—or while temporarily warehoused by a third party.

This insurance can cover a wide range of specialty equipment and products, including:

  • Computers, everything from servers to laptops.
  • Communications and networking equipment.
  • Construction and contracting equipment.
  • Medical and scientific equipment.
  • Photography equipment.

Coverages included in an Inland marine Commercial Insurance Policy

When weighing the need for inland marine insurance, the nature of the business and operations is being noticed as well. Inland marine insurance is not only for companies that ship merchandise to retailers and customers. For instance, if someone has a valuable trade show booth that is frequently shipped around the country and stored offsite by a vendor, the person may need the protection provided by inland marine insurance. Moreover, if someone else’s property is temporarily in possession, inland marine insurance provides coverage against the loss of this property. Its coverages include:

  • Bailee’s Customer Coverage— It protects clients’ property that is left in the care of the business; e.g., if you operate a warehouse or repair shop.
  • Builder’s Risk— It covers structures and materials during new building projects or renovations.
  • Exhibition and Fine Art Coverage— It keeps valuable things protected while on exhibition, in transition, or on loan.
  • Installation Floater— It provides coverage to materials from the time they are loaded onto a truck until they are put to use or installed.
  • Motor Truck Cargo Coverage— Keeps clients’ goods protected while the business transports and delivers them.