MVR Stands for Motor Vehicle Record/Report. In a Motor Vehicle Report a summary of a person’s driving records like past accidents, and traffic violations are noted. The MVR is used for background checks of the driver’s driving history. A motor vehicle report (MVR) is used by the insurer to determine the risk level of providing coverage to the person by assessing his/her MVR and determining the amount of premium on it.

If the person applying for the policy has a clean record then the chances of getting approved for a policy are high and may get a better premium.
In contrast, if the person has traffic tickets, negative marks on driving records, and past accident cases then it is likely you will make a claim in the future and make your premium go higher if the policy gets approved.

In this report, the data is stored related to

  • Driver name, date of birth, gender
  • License number, issue date, expiration date
  • Accidents Records
  • Traffic violations
  • License Suspensions

Importance of MVR Reports

Employers can use the Motor Vehicle Report before hiring them to know about their past driving histories and their credibility as a driver. Moreover, people with more traffic violations are likely to pose a threat to passengers as well as other drivers. If the person driving the vehicle for the company business is with negative MVR and got indulged in an accident this creates liability and puts the company at risk. Therefore, companies before hiring drivers do MVR monitoring to protect themselves from future risks.

Moreover, when the company hires a person they try to hire a person with positive records to prevent them from future liability claims and it also helps them to get a better premium. A positive report is directly proportional to a better premium from the insurer.

Underwriting Guidelines

Insurance companies have particular standards that underwriters must follow. An insurer can reject the policy of the person if the person has major violations like reckless driving, or operating with a suspended or revoked license. The insurers must obtain the MVRs for underwriting purposes.