What kind of data is collected and coverage is provided in inland marine personal insurance?



Personal inland marine insurance protects personal property that may not be covered under the traditional homeowners’ insurance policy due to the various exclusions and limitations on homeowners’ coverage. Personal Inland Marine Insurance can provide you with added protection for your valuable property, whether it is in transit or at your insured location.

The Property that can be Insured under Inland marine Insurance:

  • The property value must be high.
  • The property must be portable.

The personal Inland marine insurance protects your valuables such as:

  1. Jewellery
  2. Fur coats,
  3. Antique furniture: Under antique furniture, we have private painting collections, fine arts, rare books, glasses, and manuscripts.
  4. Cameras: Photographic equipment is included in this class of property.
  5. Musical Instruments: Musical instruments, which include sound and amplifying equipment.
  6. Silverware and goldware.
  7. Stamps and Coin Collections
  8. Golfers’ equipment

Data Collected For Inland Marine Personal Insurance:

  1. Location Information: The street address, the city, the county, the state, and the ZIP code +4 in this sort of small space.
  2. Property Class and Coverage Information: Items you want to be covered by this policy. We can add more items if they are not listed on the list.
  3. Safe Vault Information: Information about the location and type of safe or vault includes: MANUFACTURER, MODEL, LABEL, DOOR TYPE of the vault. If none of the insured items are kept in a vault, we can skip this section.
  4. Lost History: Details on any previous losses at this or any other location.

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