Auto Scaling Overview

Auto Scaling is an Amazon service that helps the developers to scale the resources automatically across multiple services and optimize the applications. It monitors your resources and automatically adjusts the resources according to the requirement. It maintains the best fit balance between cost and performance. It provides a user interface where user can build the scaling plans for the resource like Amazon ECS tasks (Amazon Elastic Container Service), Amazon DynamoDB tables and indexes, Amazon Aurora Replicas and even Amazon EC2 instances.

You can easily start with Amazon Auto Scaling using Command Line Interface(CLI), SDK and AWS Management Console. There are no additional charges. You pay only for the AWS resources needed to keep your applications working and Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring.


Maintains performance: It continuously monitors your resources to ensure that everything is under the best performance. If the demands of requests spike then it automatically increases the capacity of the resources maintaining the performance under the desired level.

Maintains costs: If the demands of requests decrease then it also decreases the capacity of the resources in order to maintain the cost of the overall application. We don’t need to pay for those resources which are not needed to load on that specific interval of time.

Amazon Auto Scaling Resources:

  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon ECS
  • Amazon Spot fleets
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Aurora