Amazon Simple Email Services

Amazon SES is an email service built on the reliable and scalable platform of the Amazon Web Services that maximizes the percentage of emails that arrive in the recipient’s inboxes. With Amazon SES, Developer can send transaction email, marketing messages, or any other type of high-quality contents to their customers. Amazon SES is an email service that helps the developers to send and receive the emails with cost-effective ways using their own email address and domain name. Amazon SES provides complete control over the inbound emails and how emails proceed. Amazon SES has few self components where developers can manage the email sending limit, email quotas and get the SES reputation status on Amazon SES reputation dashboard.

Amazon SES Sending Limit:
Amazon SES can send maximum emails in hours instead of waiting for days to send thousands of emails. Sending emails depends upon the email quota that is closely monitored by Amazon SES. Your emails sending limit should be under email sending quota limit for last 24 hours. For example, if your sending quota is 20,000, and you sent 5,000 emails in the previous 24 hours, then you can send another 15,000 emails right away. If you have already sent 20,000 emails in the previous 24 hours, you will not be able to send more emails until some of the previous sending rolls out of its 24-hour window.

Amazon SES Reputation:
Amazon SES maintains high deliverability by maintaining a strong reputation with the mailbox providers. Amazon SES reputation dashboard provides the reputation related information with notifications and also provides the issues handling tips and information so that you can resolve the issues. Some notifications are mentioned below:
1. Status Messages
2. Bounce Rate Notification
3. Complaint Rate Notification
4. Anti-Spam Organization Notification
5. Direct Feedback Notification
6. Domain Blocklist Notification
7. Internal Review Notification
8. Mailbox Provider Notification
9. Recipient Feedback Notification
10. Related Account Notification
11. Spamtrap Notification
12. Vulnerable Site Notification

Amazon SES Features:
Scalable: Amazon SES will grow with the business and no upfront scaling is required. The ramp from zero to millions of emails in one day with no additional cost. Amazon SES works as a reliable service which runs over Amazon’s cloud network infrastructure and datacenters. Multiple servers and data centers provide high availability and data durability.

Integration: Integrates seamlessly with other AWS services such as AWS Lambda, AWS CloudWatch, Amazon Kinesis firehose, Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3) and Simple Notification Services.

You can attach email-sending capability to any application if your application is running over the Amazon EC2 machine. Amazon gives you the facility to use Amazon SES service to send up to 62,000 emails. You can use this feature with the help of AWS SDK and by using Amazon SES Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP) interface.

Amazon SNS: You can set up the Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) in order to notify you about email bounce back and successful delivery to recipient’s mail server.

DKIM: Amazon SES provides the feature of DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) that helps to authenticate the email, you can easily set up DKIM with your domain name through Route53.

Amazon CloudWatch: You can create dashboards that follows your bounce and complaint rates over time using Amazon CloudWatch. It can also be used to create alarms that send you a notification when these metrics cross a certain threshold.

You can store your received emails in Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) and take any action with the help of Amazon Lambda Function, Action like: Delete, Move etc. You can even encrypt the mail you receive in your Amazon S3 bucket with the help of Amazon KMS ( Key Management Service).