VM (installation, configure, optimize, monitoring, backups, security)


Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based software program and services, offering a wide range of solutions for businesses including virtual computing, mobile and web application development platforms, storage, network hosting, and analytics tools

You can Accelerate your Business and Efficiency with Webner Solution services on Microsoft Azure. Webner Solutions helps your organization quickly realize the cloud’s power to transform operations and speed innovation through our deep skills and experience in delivering Azure-based solutions.

We have a team of experts who can handle the critical environment and proactively report and resolve forthcoming issues.

Azure cloud VMs (Virtual Machines)

When it comes to the decision of acquiring the right VM in the cloud environment many of new customer get puzzled where to start from and which type of machine will serve their purpose. At that moment you can rely upon us and give us control and we will then take responsibility to plan, implement, and maintain IaaS deployment according to Microsoft best patterns and practices in order to secure and highly available and fully support your production workload.

IaaS deployment is typical in most of the cases, so we are here to take care of these things App Configuration, Application, Server Configuration and deployment of VMs with windows servers and Linux server OS, configuration of VNET (Virtual Network), Subnets, Public IP addressing, DNS settings, Securing VM (Virtual Machine) by enhancing ssh control and implementation of NSG (Network Security Group) rules.

VM Scale set: You can scale your VM instance size up and down to suit your workload.

BYOL (Bring Your Own License): You can use your existing purchased Microsoft license and can save the extra cost instead of buying again.

Vulnerability: Fixing weakness or gap in a security program that can be exploited by threats to gain unauthorized access to an asset

Azure (DRAAS) Disaster Recovery as a service:

→ Azure Backup: Policy-based backup and restore VMs.
→ Azure Site Recovery: Hybrid VM replication solution Failover application to the cloud or secondary datacenter.

Azure Monitor Components:-

→ Azure Resource Logs: Activity Log and Diagnostic Log
→ Instance-Level Monitoring: Diagnostics VM extension
→ Alerts: Get notified when metrics exceed threshold Values via Email or SMS.

Webhook: A way for an app to provide other application with real-time information also called a web callback or an HTTP push API.

Azure Advisory Recommendation: Is an inbuilt tool which guides you the security loophole left unattended and gives you the ability to fix them instantly from the panel.