Azure Scheduler


What is Azure Scheduler ?

Azure Scheduler lets you create jobs in the cloud that invoke services inside and outside of Azure such as calling HTTP/S endpoints or posting messages to Azure Storage queues or Azure Service Bus queues or topics. Run jobs right away, on a recurring schedule, or at some point in the future.

It is Ideal for recurring actions, daily maintenance

The scheduler is great for recurring actions, such as periodically gathering data. It is also ideal for cleaning up logs, kicking off routine backups and other application maintenance tasks. You can also integrate Scheduler into your applications.

Designed for high availability and reliability

Scheduler operates during network, computer and data centre failures, so your scheduled jobs continue to execute on time. It automatically switches to an alternative datacenter in the same region, if needed. Customers can also configure alternate endpoints, in case their main endpoint becomes unavailable.

Create asynchronous jobs using queues

Use Scheduler to post messages to Storage queues or Service Bus queues or topics, for asynchronous processing of recurring requests. This is useful for complex or long-running requests—such as a series of SQL queries against a large database—and when you want to invoke a service which is offline.

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