Monitoring Tools

AWS provides the multiple tools that help the users to monitor Amazon resources and applications that are hosted on AWS cloud Infrastructure. You can customize these tools to do monitoring for you when you are not using Amazon Web Service console or you can do the monitoring manually. Automatic Monitoring tools are divided into three components as mentioned below:
a) System Status Check.
b) Instance Status Check.
c) Amazon CloudWatch.

A system check is a tool that can detect the problem that may harm your instances and the System Status Check tool is preprogrammed to check the reachability of the AWS system and ensure that the AWS system functioning. If you get System Status Check fails, you can resolve the detected issue by yourself (for example, by stopping and restarting or terminating and replacing an instance) or choose to wait for AWS to fix it.

Common Issues that occur on System Status Check:
– Network Connectivity.
– System Power.
– Any Software issue on the physical host.
– Any hardware issue on the physical host.

Instance Status Check tool monitors your network configuration and software for your instances. If you found that Instance Status Check fails then you need to resolve the issue by yourself rather than the AWS team. For the resolution, you can reboot the instance or by modifying your operating system or use other instinctive ways to resolve the issue.

Common Issue that occurs on Instance Status Check:
– Network misconfiguration
– Corrupted file system
– Kernel incompatibility
– Memory

Amazon CloudWatch
Amazon CloudWatch is a component of Amazon Web Services that provides real-time monitoring of AWS resources or applications that are currently active on the AWS cloud infrastructure.

Resources Monitored by Amazon CloudWatch:

  1. Amazon EC2 Machine
  2. Amazon RDS
  3. Amazon Elastic Load Balancer
  4. Amazon S3

CloudWatch Alarms is an alarm that can be used to automatically initiate action on your behalf. It watches a single metric over a specified time period, and perform one or more specified action.

CloudWatch Events deliver a near real-time flow of system events that report changes in Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources.

CloudWatch Logs are used to monitor, store, and access your log files from Amazon EC2 instances, AWS CloudTrail, or other sources.