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Salesforce | Create leads from google form responses

Author - Webner

Problem: How to create leads from google form responses?

We have a google form and we want to create leads from google form responses.

Solution: -To create lead from google form, follow these steps:-
1.Open google Sheet which contains the responses of google form.
2.Click on the Tools tab and then click on the script editor.

3. New Screen opens like this..

Write a code to insert data in the salesforce.

Here is the sample code that inserts leads from the google sheet. In this code, we are using HTML […]

Some important terms of US Insurance Industry

Author - Ashish
5:53 am
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Insurance industry of United Stated is very much different from any other country and also it is the largest market in terms of premium amount according to federal Insurance Office (2014) Report. Insurance industry of US is regulated by each state individually means it is a state based insurance regulatory system.

In general Insurance means “risk transfer”. Here we have two sides, one is insurer (the insurance Carrier) and another is insured (the person who is taking the insurance from insurer).

Synonyms of terms

Insurance Provider -> Insurer, insurance company or insurance Carrier
Insurance Buyer -> Insured or policyholder

Normally we choose […]

Great British Discounts

Author - Webner
8:41 am
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Webner has been involved in the development of another highly successful platform – Great British Discounts. Owned and promoted by L-EV8 Marketing, Great British Discounts is the go to site for those who want to avail the best deals in life. Great British Discounts is the choice of everyone because you get deals on all you need including but not limited to Baby products, Clothing, Footwear, Electronics, Jewellery, Travel, Hotels, Home, Garden, Food, Sports, Leisure, Health, Beauty, Finance, Insurance, Entertainment and Motoring.

Technically Great British Discounts is highly secure as it supports hundreds of payments everyday, hence security is of […]

Salesforce | System.VisualforceException: Getting content from within triggers not supported

Author - Webner
5:41 am
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Problem: System.VisualforceException: Getting content from within triggers is currently not supported.

Description: This Visualforce exception occurs when we use getContent method in the trigger of sobject.

Here is the code for which we got this exception:

Trigger code:
trigger updateStatus on sobject (before update) {
List List = new List();
for(sobject term :{
sobject oldOpp = Trigger.oldMap.get(term.Id);
if(term.Payment_Status__c ==’Paid’){
Messaging.SingleEmailMessage emailTobeSent = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();
PageReference pdf = Page.templateCOI; //Replace attachmentPDF with the page you have rendered as PDF
Attachment attach = new Attachment();
Blob b […]

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