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Delete a Sharepoint Folder using ClientContext if it is empty

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Delete a Sharepoint Folder using ClientContext if it is empty

To delete a Sharepoint Folder, it should be empty otherwise it will not allow us to delete it. So before deleting the folder we need to check if it is empty or not.

Below is the code in .NET (C#)

// Get the context variable of site
OfficeDevPnP.Core.AuthenticationManager authMgr = new OfficeDevPnP.Core.AuthenticationManager();
using (var ctx = authMgr.GetSharePointOnlineAuthenticatedContextTenant(_siteUrl, _userId, _password))
// Load the Sharepoint Documents
Web web = ctx.Web;
List list = web.Lists.GetByTitle(“Documents”);
// Get the Folder using […]

ACORD Forms autofill

Author - Webner

We get this request from a lot of clients in US insurance industry who want to generate ACORD forms automatically, means they want data of corresponding insurance Policy and other objects filled automatically in the editable ACORD PDF. Most of the clients have their data in a CRM system like Salesforce, and some clients have this data in a database. What users ideally want is to select an ACORD form number and click a button corresponding to a Policy, Vehicle, Account or some other related object, which should trigger the code that retrieves the data to fill and auto populates […]

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