Update Record Type Assignment For Chatter Profiles



While creating record types in SalesForce, sometimes we do not want to give access to a few profiles. But somehow we have given the access of record type to all profiles. Now if we want to revoke permission of record type from some profiles, we can update Record Type Settings by opening profiles. But if we want to update these settings for Chatter profiles. We can not do this directly with a Chatter profile.

To change the record typesetting for chatter profiles

We have to use some URL hacks to change the record typesetting for chatter profiles.
{Your salesforce domain}/setup/ui/profilerecordtypeedit.jsp?id={Profile ID}&tid={Custom Object ID}
How to get profile Id?

Open any profile. URL will be

In Classic:
{SalesForce Domain}/00exxxxxxxxxxxx

In Lightning
{SalesForce Domain}/lightning/setup/Profiles/page?address=%2F00exxxxxxxxxxxx

00exxxxxxxxxxxx is your profile id.
How to get object Id?

Open any object. URL will be

In Classic:
{SalesForce Domain}/01Ixxxxxxxxxxxx

In Lightning:
{SalesForce Domain}/lightning/setup/ObjectManager/01Ixxxxxxxxxxxx/Details/view

01Ixxxxxxxxxxxx is your object id.

When we open the URL we can access the record type setting of a particular object for the profile.

Here we can update the record typesetting of the profile.

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