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What do you mean by NAIC code

2023-06-02T04:16:32+00:00June 2, 2023|Insurance|

| ByWinsurtech

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is a company classification system designed through a collaboration between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This classification method makes it possible to [...]

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What is the difference between Direct Billed and Agency Billed policy

2023-05-31T04:53:12+00:00May 31, 2023|ACORD AL3, Insurance|

| ByNavjot Singh

What is the meaning of Vehicle Class in Auto Insurance

2023-05-11T05:01:47+00:00May 11, 2023|Insurance|

| ByWinsurtech

How to Generate QR code for Object Record Page

2023-05-09T05:46:05+00:00May 9, 2023|Salesforce|

| ByAyush Sharma


2023-05-05T05:33:03+00:00May 5, 2023|ACORD AL3|

| ByWinsurtech

Serverless Azure

2023-04-24T11:29:40+00:00May 18, 2020|Cloud|0 Comments

| ByWinsurtech

Azure Serverless Architecture: Serverless architecture is also known as Serverless Computing or Function as a Service(FaaS)/Backend as a Service(BaaS) depending on its utility. Backend as a service (BaaS): The [...]

Solvency & Liquidity

2023-04-25T12:09:23+00:00May 6, 2020|Insurance|0 Comments

| ByWinsurtech

Introduction to the concepts In our daily lives, we come across these terminologies and tend to think that they mean one and the same thing. However, we must draw [...]

Salesforce Accelerators

2023-04-24T11:44:59+00:00April 30, 2020|Salesforce|0 Comments

| ByWinsurtech

Salesforce Accelerators are 1-on-1 coaching sessions given by deep knowledge experts. Each Accelerator functions on one particular topic, and length varies from 2-15 hours across multiple weeks. All Accelerators [...]

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