“Insured Information” in an AL3 file. How can we get separate data of Insured from the complete AL3 file?

AL3 file:

AL3 stands for Automation level- 3. AL3 is a batch communication method designed by ACORD for both policy and commission data. A complete overview of AL3 standards is available in the Access database with supporting data dictionaries and documentation as well.
We can also say that AL3 is an EDI standard for the insurance industry. ACORD AL3 is a library that implements AL3 messaging standards for communication between the property and casualty insurers, their agents, and other trading partners.


In generic terms, Insured refers to any person who is authorized to receive the benefits of the particular insurance policy. We can also say that an Insured is a person whose interests are protected by the insurance policy. Here the insurer makes a payment to the Insured in the form of a claim payment while they experienced a covered loss, any type of damage, or any injury that is covered under the policy term and conditions.

Whereas in a personal policy “Named Insured” is described as a name of a person who purchases the policy and there can be more than one Insured on a policy, while we talk about the commercial policies “Named Insured” could be a name of the business or a company.

Insured Information in an AL3 file

In An AL3 file, All the data of policy is contained in the specific AL3 format which is not easy to read and we can not understand it without any suitable software. So first we need suitable software to get the details that exist in an AL3 file.

In an AL3 file, all the data contained within the specific groups and elements- belong to that particular group. So there are separate groups that exist in an AL3 file to contain the pieces of information related to “Insured”. Each element in these groups contains specific Information of Insured.

Some AL3 groups contain insured information and their elements:
There are some specific groups that are mentioned in an “AL3 database” that is used to pack the insured information. Description for some of those groups is discussed below:

Basic Insured Information: In this group basic data of insured is collected which contains: Insured’s Name, Legal Entity Code related to the Insured, details about the Number of Member and Managers if any, and so on.

An extension to the Basic Insured Information: In this group, the Insured’s address details and contact details are collected into their corresponding elements.

Insured’s Supplemental Information: In this group, other supplementary insured related to the insured is added if any. This group contains information on Co-Insured, Insured occupation details, and other personal details.

Method to check Information of Insured from an AL3 file:

As already specified above, we need suitable software to Open an AL3 file on our computer screen. So that we can successfully open the AL3 file and can get details of the insured.

But if we want to get the separate details of Insured, it means we want to filter the insured data from the whole AL3 file. So there is one more method that we can use.

We can use an “API” or a specific product which is offered by “Winsurtech”. This product contains several endpoints by which we can get the specific data from an AL3 file according to the mentioned endpoints.

You can check WinsurTech REST API on https://developer.winsurtech.com/. Complete documentation of this product is also mentioned here (https://developer.winsurtech.com/apis_docs).

So with the use of this Winsurtech API, we can get the separate information of Insured by using the “Insured Details” endpoint. Screenshot for references mentioned below: