Winsurtech Web Viewer is one of the software which can be used to open AL3 files and see the data visually. You can access the AL3 Web Viewer here: It lets you search the data as well on keywords and download the AL3 data in Excel and JSON formats.

Winsurtech Desktop Viewer is another software that can be used to open AL3 files on your local PC (Windows or Linux) and see the data visually. All the Web Viewer features are included in the Desktop viewer and the advantage is you can use the software on the go without internet as well. For a demo of the Desktop Viewer check the video available here –

cWinsurtech AL3 to JSON REST API is for developers who want to convert AL3 to JSON and then process the data programmatically to store it in their CRM/AMS. Our team does such projects on a frequent basis for software companies, carriers, and agencies all over the USA so if you need assistance to not only download AL3 files but also to convert them into JSON and store them in your Salesforce org, Zoho CRM, or Web-based AMS, or even into Google or Excel sheets, write to us at our email id To read about our API check this website –

Winsurtech AL3 to JSON Binary Product is another way for developers to convert AL3 to JSON, Excel, or CSV. This product can be hosted on your local machine. To go through a demo of the product check the video on this page –

In case of any questions, write to us at our email id