5AOI: The Additional/Other interest is a joint group used to contain information relating to persons or parties other than the insured who have an interest during this policy for one reason or another. there’s a code that describes the nature of the interest as being that of a mortgagee, a certificate holder, a loss payee, etc.

It contains several elements that are:

  1. Nature of Interest Code: It defines the relationship for being additionally interested in the policy, such as loss payee, lienholder, executor, etc.
  2. Additional/Other Interest Name: The name of the additional interest.
  3. Policy Frequency Code: This data element describes the frequency with which an additional interest is to receive a replica of the policy.
  4. Interest End Date: The date on which the interest holder’s interest ends.
  5. Percentage of Interest: The percentage of interest the other owner(s) have of any item, object, animal, etc.
  6. Lien Amount: The amount of the lien for this additional interest.
  7. Interest Reason Description: It describes the reason for the interest in policy.

9AOI: This group is basically an extension of the 5AOI group, which contains the address, and phone number of the additional interest. This group is found with the 5AOI group.

It contains elements that are:

  1. Street Address Line 1: It is used to define street names and numbers.
  2. ZIP Code
  3. Telephone Number
  4. State/Province Abbreviation
  5. Telephone Number Type Code: It defines the type of telephone number
  6. County Name: County, parish, etc. of the additional interest.
  7. Country Name Code: It refers to the ISO code for the country of this Additional Other Interest