An automobile insurance ID card provides basic auto insurance information, such as the driver and vehicle insured and policy effective dates. The auto insurance ID card is applicable for Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance. Sometimes, It also refers to an insurance identification card or a binder.

What does an Automobile Insurance ID Card include?

Proof of insurance documentation is a little card given to the insured by his/her insurance provider that shows the insured person indeed has insurance on his/her vehicle. If someone never files an insurance claim, the piece of paper is all he/she gets for the money, other than peace of mind. The proof of insurance includes the following information:

    • Insured’s name and address — If someone isn’t the one in charge of the policy, make sure he/she is a covered driver and not an excluded driver.
    • Vehicle year and make — car insurance is coverage for the car, not the driver.
    • Policy renewal dates — It shows the expiry date of the policy.
    • Insurance company name — The name of the company that provides insurance.
    • Insurance policy number — This number is required when a claim is filed.

The insurance ID card is issued for every insured, drivable automobile with liability insurance coverage. Automobiles in storage or towed do not usually get issued this proof of insurance.